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Gordon Ramsay's Daughter Gets Her Own Cooking Show

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Tilly Ramsay far right.
Tilly Ramsay far right.
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As shouty chef Gordon Ramsay preps to pull the plug on Kitchen Nightmares, his daughter Tilly is getting ready to film a show of her own. According to the Daily Mail, the 12 year-old "will spend the coming weeks" to prepare to film a show for the BBC's children's channel, CBBC, in which she will "demonstrate her culinary skills."

Set to be shot in the US, Tilly's brother Jack will help film the show while her sister Holly will work on the sound. The as-yet-unnamed show is "expected to air" within the next two years. Unlike her father's shows, there will be no expletive-laced tirades on Tilly Ramsay's cooking program. Ramsay tells the Daily Mail: "Tilly's only 12 and she's a sweetheart, so of course she won't be swearing."

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