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Watch Homer Simpson & Peter Griffin Fight Over Duff

Fox debuted a five minute teaser clip of the upcoming crossover Family Guy and The Simpsons episode at Comic-Con this weekend and it features plenty of doughnut and beer references. Homer Simpson gifts doughnuts to Peter Griffin and his family ("a dozen donuts for our albino visitors") and the two families immediately form bond. Later at a bar, Peter shares his "favorite" beer with Simpson, Pawtucket Patriot Ale. After tasting it, Homer looks skeptical: It "tastes exactly like Duff" — Homer's beer of choice — and that it's just a "lousy rip-off." Peter defends his beer: "It may have been inspired by Duff, but I like to think it goes in a different direction." Go, watch:

Video: The Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover

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