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Creepy Restaurant App Uses Apple's iBeacon to Track People's Dining Habits

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A German restaurateur has developed an app that uses Apple's iBeacon technology to track the dining habits of customers. According to the Wall Street Journal, the iBeacon can can pinpoint a user's indoor location to within five to 10 inches. Christian Mook — whose company Mook Group owns five upscale restaurants — is testing an application that utilizes the technology to record everything from a diner's favorite table, to what dishes they order frequently. The restaurant will even be able to track when a diner is the bathroom.

Diners will have to (voluntarily) download the app for the technology to work, but they will be rewarded significantly for doing so. Mook tells the WSJ that as customers use the app they can "climb their way from 'Guest' ranking to 'Addicted Connoiseuer' level based on the amount of time they spend" at any of the Mook Group's restaurants. Guests that are ranked higher in the app will be given rewards like a shorter wait, free welcome drinks, and placed on lists for events in the future. A spokesperson for the Mook Group tells the paper they hope to use this technology as a way to "improve service." If the application is successful in one of the group's restaurants, they will "roll it out" to the other four.

The Mook Group isn't alone in their endeavor to learn as much about their guests as possible. Earlier this year, the team behind Eleven Madison Park in New York City revealed that their maître d' Googles the "entire reservation book" to learn details about each guest, from from their avid love for wine to which anniversary they are coming in to celebrate. Go, watch a video about the technology:

Video: Will Apple's iBeacon Whet German Diners' App-etite?

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