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Mario Batali's Times Magazine Column Comes to an End

Chef Mario Batali will no longer write his New York Times Magazine column "What I'm Drinking Now." According to the New York Post, it was Batali's decision to end the column after writing it for three years. NYT Magazine editor Jake Silverstein tells the NYP, "I absolutely did not can him," adding, "He felt the column had run its course. He'd written everything he could about drinking."

Batali's column came under fire earlier this year when Slate's Troy Patterson filed a review of the column in which he called the chef the "world's worst drinks writer." Amongst the insults he hurled at Batali's column, Patterson wrote, "It is as if Batali were bent on provoking both the impotent frustration of novice bartenders and the powerful condescension of seasoned pros." Between opening a restaurant in Boston and his new Hulu show, perhaps it's better for Batali to have one less thing on his plate.
[Photo: Daniel Krieger]

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