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High-Tech Cooler Surpasses Kickstarter Goal by $7 Million

Photo: Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign for the tricked-out "Coolest" cooler has officially raised over $7 million. According to Fast Company, this puts it on track to become the "most-funded project on the site of all time, ever" seeing as there is still over a month to go. The portable cooler features accoutrements like a battery-powered blender, a cutting board, a USB charger and a bluetooth speaker.

Fast Company theorizes that the campaign was able to so drastically surpass its modest goal of just $50,000 because the Kickstarter was launched in the Summer. The creator of the cooler launched a "similar campaign last Winter that failed for what he attributes to season reasons." Cold things aren't as appealing in the Winter. Fast company also notes that Kickstarter has "essentially turned into the Skymall of the Internet" and that Skymall actually features fancy coolers as well. Or maybe people get a kick out of donating tons of money to simple ideas: A Kickstarter campaign for a guy to make himself potato salad has managed to raise over $50,000.

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