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St. Louis Art & Food Festival; Cocktail Robot Competition

ST. LOUIS— The city of St. Louis will celebrate the intersection of food and art during this weekend's "Food, Glorious Food" festival. More than 50 artists have created work inspired by food in some form, and the opening reception (scheduled for tomorrow, July 26) will see food trucks rolling up to the gallery for an afternoon block party. More information here. [EaterWire]

SAN FRANCISCO— Because robots serving booze is the wave of the future, San Francisco's DNA Lounge has announced the launch of its Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge, an open competition for designers and robot enthusiasts. For the engineering-inclined, the grand prize for top robot is $1,000; those interested in simply drinking a robot-made cocktail can show up during the judging event on September 14. More information [SFist]

LOS ANGELES— The New Orleans-based Museum of the American Cocktail takes its show on the road — as part of its "Touring the Cocktail" series — for a Los Angeles seminar on August 18. Cocktail historian Richard Foss and bartender David Valiante will join forces to present a seminar about "How Prohibition Changed America," featuring drinks and a light dinner. Tickets are $40 and available here. [EaterWire]