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John Tesar Is Developing a Kitchen Nightmares-Style Show

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Photo: Margo Sivin/EDFW

Chef and angry tweeter John Tesar may soon have a "restaurant-themed reality show." According to CultureMap Dallas, Tesar has inked a deal with a production company in Los Angeles — one that has created "a number of programs for Bravo TV" — to develop a show that would follow him as he makes" Gordon-Ramsay style visits to restaurants and helps them improve their game."

Tesar tells CultureMap that it would be like Kitchen Nightmares but "with less screaming." He adds, "I want it to be interesting and not just a guy who yells in a kitchen. What we're working on comes from a lot of things — including the way things have changed with the decreasing impact that critics have on restaurants."

Tesar has recently come into the spotlight regarding his views on critics: Last week, he threw some serious punches at Dallas Morning News critic Leslie Brenner after she filed a three (out of five) star review of his new Dallas restaurant Knife. He tweeted at Brenner, writing: "fuck you ! Your reviews are misleading poorly written,self serving and you have destroyed the star system and you really suck" and then proceeded to ban her from his restaurants. Tesar tells CultureMap, "The era of the critic is over, and that FU was the icing on the cake."

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