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Thief Robs Restaurant, Thanks Employee Before Leaving

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Photo: Golden Corral/Facebook

His mama taught him manners: After robbing a restaurant, this guy said "thank you." According to WYYF-TV, the robbery took place on Monday evening at a Spartanburg location of the buffet chain, Golden Corral. The man approached the register in the restaurant, showed an employee a gun, and said, "Open the register. Keep calm or I will shoot you." When the employee went to hit the panic button the robber told her, "Don't even think about pushing the (expletive) button."

Go Upstate writes that the man took all of the $1 and $20 bills from the register, but left behind the $5 an $10 bills. He then thanked the employee before running out. The police are still looking for the man; no arrests have been made. Just last month, a KFC in South Carolina was also robbed by a gun-wielding man, though he doesn't appear to have been as polite.

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