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Foursquare Reveals Overhaul of Its Recommendation App

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Photo: The Verge

Foursquare launches its latest iteration in a few weeks, and per a report on The Verge, it will feature personalized restaurant recommendations. According to the company's blog, not only does the app have a new logo, but it will have a "personalized local search feature" which will make recommendations based on your use of the system. Foursquare explains the feature: "Once you teach Foursquare a couple things about you – add tastes, follow experts, or even just walk around for a few days – the app will be 100% yours." To calibrate the "tastes" aspect, users indicate they like things such as "lobster rolls," "fried chicken," and "outdoor seating." Also a user's check-ins and history will "help shape" the restaurant recommendations they receive.

The Verge notes that the new version of the app will also include a "Most Popular" module that allows uses to see which restaurants nearby are the most frequented. It will also let users follow "people and tastemakers" that they like. The check-in option will also soon be removed from the Foursquare app. This will happen after it finishes "pushing all of it users" to its spin-off "neighborhood sharing" app, Swarm. Foursquare and Swarm will function in tandem: Restaurant pages will look the same on both apps, but only Swarm will offer a check-in option.

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