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Korean Bakery Paris Baguette Opens a Location in Paris

Photo: Courtesy of SPC Group

South Korea-based bakery chain Paris Baguette, which has over 3,000 locations around the world, has finally opened a storefront in its namesake city. According to the Korea Herald, it is located in Central Paris near the Pont Neuf Bridge and is called Paris Baguette Chatelet. The 200-square-meter, 46-seat store is "expected to serve as the company's global flagship store." Yonhap News Agency writes Paris Baguette will "hire French bakers and focus its menu on French breads, pastries, and sandwiches" in an effort to appeal to local consumers. The menu will also feature "exclusive" items like fresh cream chiffon cakes and special "stuffed" breads.

Hur Young-In, the chairman of SPC Group — the parent company of Paris Baguette — tells the paper that the company regards "France as the spiritual home of our bakery products" and that the company hopes to reach out to the "global market by leveraging our experience in France." In addition to the store in Paris, Paris Baguette has over 3,000 stores in South Korea, 125 in China, 37 in America, 11 in Vietnam, and six in Singapore.

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