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Watch a Preview Clip from Nathan for You's Dumb Starbucks Episode

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Dumb Starbucks — the prank/viral sensation set up by Comedy Central's Nathan Fielder in California earlier this year — will be explained on next week's episode of Tucker's show, Nathan for You. Here's a quick preview clip that shows the moments after Dumb Starbucks first opened: In the clip, Fielder notes that the fake storefront "quickly began to work," and he stands behind the counter to explain that no, the store was not affiliated with Starbucks, and no, it did not have the appropriate licenses. Fielder tells one concerned customer: "Legally speaking, this store has to be categorized as an art gallery, so we don't have to abide by the same health regulations as a Starbucks would." Therefore, if someone were to get sick at Dumb Starbucks, it would be "part of the artistic experience."

In previous promotional videos, Fielder said the concept "legally used" the Starbucks name and logo thanks to U.S. parody law, and that "this is a real business I plan to get rich from." The full episode airs next Tuesday, but first, catch the clip:

Video: Preview: Dumb Starbucks

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