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Family Restaurant in Tennessee Openly Welcomes Guns

Photo: Shiloh Brew & Chew/Facebook

A self-proclaimed family-friendly restaurant in East Tennessee has joined the growing ranks of pro-gun businesses. Accroding to WBIR, Shiloh Brew and Chew has a sign on the front door that very clearly states: "Guns are Welcome." Sharma Floyd, the owner of the restaurant, tells WBIR that "as the owner, I wanted to stand my ground. I have that constitutional right. If you like it, that's great, if you don't, I'm sorry for you. I can't change who I am."

The restaurant does not sell liquor, however, and if anyone wants a beer, they are first asked if they are carrying.. If they have a gun, Floyd will not serve them a drink. Overall, Floyd says the sign has "help boost business." While one man said he would not come back, she's had more than 20 new customers since she posted the sign. Though Floyd does not own a gun or have a carry permit herself, she still believes that her customers have the right to bear arms.

Shiloh Brew and Chew is far from the first restaurant in the country to openly support guns. Shooters Grill in Colorado is essentially a Second Amendment lover's playground: Not only does the restaurant encourage customers to bring guns into the dining room, the staff also carries loaded firearms as part of their work uniform. Many major chain restaurants, however, have recently asked open carry supporters to refrain from bringing firearms into their establishments. See the sign and local news video below:

[Screengrab: WBIR]

Video: 'Guns are Welcome' signs posted

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Shiloh Brew & Chew

1805 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Maryville, TN 37804