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Blake Lively's New Lifestyle Site Is Selling Salt for $40

Photo: Blake Lively/Facebook, Preserve

Actress and Cheesecake Factory lover Blake Lively has officially launched an incredibly strange lifestyle site called Preserve. According to Business Insider, the website is "part-blog and part-store" but really it just feels like Lively rolled GOOP into a kale blunt and smoked it. Preserve is confusing: At least Gwyneth Paltrow lays out her vegainaise recipes in a straight forward manner.

Lively, on the hand, writes a loopy introduction letter on the site in which she says she is "hungry, though… not just for enchiladas." She says she's looking for experience, but that isn't well defined. The site seems to be a place where she can hawk goods under categories like "ladies" and "taste." A look at the website's offerings reveal that the only things she wants to "taste" are condiments and seasonings like $10 vegan hot fudge and $19 pickles. The website also promises that it will "aim to preserve the enduring traditions of meals, memories and merriment," though doesn't explain how $40 artisan salts are going do that yet.

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