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Ireland Cafe Bans All 'Loud American' Tourists

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Photo: @MauriceCampbell/Twitter

A restaurant in the Irish tourist town of Waterville is drawing attention for banning 'loud' Americans: A Tweet by an Irish visitor revealed a hand-written sign at Peter's Place Cafe proclaimed "No Bus/Coach or Loud American's [sic]" were allowed. The sign, which is more than six weeks old but went viral earlier this week, drew criticism from other Waterville businesses and tourist boards, with the official business association of the town planning to "celebrate their unique Waterville-American relationship" in response to the online reaction.

But it seems actual American tourists are taking the diss in stride: The Independent asked several Americans abroad what they thought of the sign, and most laughed it off, either admitting to their high-decibel manner of speaking or pointing out the Irish are equally as obnoxious. Says one: "In Chicago at least, look at St. Paddy's Day, and you'll see the Irish are just as loud as Americans."

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Peter's Place Cafe

Lower Main St, Waterville, Co. Kerry, Ireland