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Food Truck Explosion Injures 12 in Philadelphia

A food truck exploded in Philadelphia yesterday evening and the force of the blast shot flames 200 feet into the air. Twelve people were injured. According to NBC10, police believe that explosion was caused by La Parrillada Chapina's rear left propane tank igniting. Witnesses tell CBS Philly that the explosion was so intense it "sent parts of the truck and a propane tank flying across there street, burning a passing car" and started another fire. The 42-year old mother and 17-year old daughter who were working inside of the truck "were severely burned" and are currently in the hospital in critical condition. Two more victims are listed in stable condition and the eight others injured have been treated and released. Police are currently investigating the incident. Go, watch a video of the explosion below:

Video: Feltonville Food Truck Explosion

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