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Burger King's Proud Whopper Celebrates Gay Pride

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Photo: Courtesy of Burger King

A Burger King in downtown San Francisco is currently selling a gay pride burger called the Proud Whopper. According to USA Today, the chain started selling the burger last weekend during San Francisco's gay pride parade. The Proud Whopper is served in a rainbow-colored wrapper which features the inscription: "We are all the same inside." The contents and the price of the Proud Whopper are exactly the same as the regular Whopper, which is exactly the point.

Burger Business writes that Burger King has made a video that it will release today on YouTube capturing the reactions of those who did and did not order the Proud Whopper last weekend. As of this publication, the video had not been released. Per Burger Business, the responses in the clip are mixed, with some tasters in support of the chain's stance and some against it. The Market Street Burger King will continue selling Whoppers through Thursday. All proceeds from the sale of the Proud Whopper will be donated to the Burger King McLamore Foundation which provides scholarships to LGBT students.

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