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Vampire-Themed Cafe Serves Drinks in Blood Bags

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There's a vampire-themed restaurant in China that is serving drinks in blood bags. According to the Shanghaiist, a restaurant in Benxi, in the Northeastern Chinese province of Liaoning has opened in homage to the TV show, The Vampire Diaries. The New York Post writes that servers are dressed as doctors and nurses and offer "wannabe blood suckers cherry colored beverages" in pouches called Blood Type Energy Supply.

Diners can pick between bags of red wine, cherry cola, or blackcurrant juice or other drinks like mineral water and coffee that have been stained red. Each bag is labeled with four blood types and The Mirror notes that the drinks retail for around £3 ($5.15 USD). The blood bag beverages are served in a "brick walled room meant to resemble a cellar" that is decorated with coffins and books about vampires; "vampire-related music" plays in the background. Even the food will follows the "bloody" theme: Most of the plates will be served with "large portions of ketchup."

This isn't the world's first vampire-themed restaurant: Tokyo is home to the Vampire Cafe which features Dracula-inspired decor, baroque music, and plenty of coffins. Pop culture's fascination with vampires has also inspired a cookbook based on the show True Blood.

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