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The Frobot Is a Frozen Yogurt Vending Machine

Photo: Frobot/Facebook

Thanks to a D.C.-based start-up, the world finally has a frozen yogurt vending machine. According to NPR, it's called the Frobot. After a credit card is swiped, the machine dispenses a 7-ounce serving of one (rotating) flavor for $3. Toppings are currently not an option but the creators tell Washington Business Journal that they are working on the mechanics that will allow for multiple topping options. The company is also figuring out how offer two flavors, as well as a swirl option.

Co-creator Jeremy O'Sullivan tells NPR that he believes the Frobot, which retails for around $30,000, is cost-effective and "labor-saving." He notes that the company plans on partnering with "commercial and local frozen yogurt vendors to distribute their product." O'Sullivan has lofty plans to place over 100 units across the country by 2015. He is mainly focusing on bringing the vending machine to college campuses and grocery stores. For now, the only Frobot in action can be found at UberOffices, a co-working space in D.C.

Vending machines selling much more than stale candy bars appear to be the way of the future. Bakery chain Sprinkles has been introducing cupcake vending machines across the country. Los Angeles is home to a "burrito kiosk," a 24-hour juice ATM that serves cold-pressed liquid greens, and a caviar vending machine. Paris has even gotten into the vending machine game; the city has one that serves up fresh baguettes around the clock. There are also vending machines for ramen, Belgian frites, bananas, raw meat, pizza, and even live crabs. Go, watch the Frobot in action:

Video: How Frobot Works

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