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Sbarro, Taco Bell, and McDonald's Are Among Nation's Least Favorite Fast Food Chains

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Americans really hate Sbarro: The mall food court pizza slinger has been named the worst chain in the country. According to a new Consumer Reports fast-food survey, out of 65 chains, Sbarro is the nation's least favorite. Survey takers complained that the "food wasn't fresh" and that they didn't "get good value for their money." This may explain why the chain filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.

Other low performers included McDonald's, which placed last in the burger category. And when it comes to chicken, it turns out Americans are not very fond of KFC. Stunt food master Taco Bell also ranked surprisingly low; those surveyed hate the quasi-Mexican chain's burritos. It's possible that these chains' low rankings come down to the caliber of their food: Compared to the likes of Chipotle and Panera, many of them "have lagged in offering higher-quality ingredients."

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