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Secret Gov't Agency Seeks Chef With Security Clearance

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The government is looking for an executive chef who not only has serious knife skills but can also get top-secret clearance. Food contractor Sodexo recently posted an ad for a chef position at an unnamed government agency in Virginia to run "2 cafes plus, [the] catering business." The candidate must have at least 10 years of experience, and a culinary degree is preferred, and — most importantly — applicants must be able to obtain "TS [top secret]/SCI [sensitive compartmented information] clearance."

The Hill points outs the ridiculous job requirement isn't because "the lunch recipes" require that kind of clearance. It's that the "security concerns are likely due to the future chef's interaction with officials working on intelligence matters and the chances that he or she could pick up some errant bits of information around the cafeteria." If the job happens to be at the CIA, the "errant bits of information" the chef will hear will most likely only be complaints about the soda machines.

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