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After Telling Off Critic, John Tesar Lands on the Cover of Her Paper's Entertainment Section

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[Photo via Dallas Morning News]

Chef John Tesar is on the cover of the Dallas Morning News' weekly Guide section and he isn't happy about it. According to Eater Dallas, the section was published today and it features the print version of the three-star review that critic Leslie Brenner gave Tesar's Dallas restaurant Knife. It comes just a day after Tesar took to Twitter to fire back at Brenner, writing, "fuck you ! Your reviews are misleading poorly written,self serving and you have destroyed the star system and you really suck" and proceeded to ban her from his restaurants.

Tesar notes that "the cover is cool" but that he's not happy because he feels "used." He told Eater Dallas in a phone conversation yesterday, "If you piss off John Tesar, he's gonna react, and people will read it. She put me on the cover of GuideLive, and more people are gonna read it because they're going to see my picture on the cover."

Not everyone can understand why Tesar is so upset: D Magazine editor-at-large Tim Rogers tweeted, "So hang on. THIS is what @ChefJohnTesar is so angry about?" Rogers added, "I get your beef w stars. (Pun!) But that guide cover pretty much says you are Jesus. You should be happy."

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