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John Tesar Slams Critic Over Review: 'You Really Suck'

Chef John Tesar is firing back at Dallas Morning News critic Leslie Brenner after she filed a three out of five star review of his new Dallas restaurant Knife. Brenner was not happy with the bacon tasting which she found was "was as impressive as those new duds the emperor bought." She added that while the meat served at Knife is well sourced and aged, "The kitchen too often drops the ball." Not all was bad however: Brenner noted that she did enjoy many dishes like the crispy beef tongue and crispy pig's head.

Update: 14:00 EST: Chef John Tesar banned the critic from his restaurants.

Brenner wrote that overall "while there's clearly something special going on here, and the restaurant has great potential" the menu was far too large and "more care and thought" needed to be put into each dish. Regardless of the positive aspects of the review, Tesar took to Twitter to express his anger: "Fuck you ! Your reviews are misleading poorly written,self serving and you have destroyed the star system and you really suck." Brenner has yet to reply.

Three years ago, the barbecue restaurant Lockhart Smokehouse responded to a one-star review from Brenner by launching a "FORK YOU Leslie Brenner Day" (the restaurant normally didn't offer forks). The restaurant also launched a baloney special ("BALONEY. Ours will be Smoked, not written. Free samples."). Maybe Tesar will do the same at Knife.

Update: 14:00 EST: Chef John Tesar banned the critic from his restaurants.

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