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Fried Chicken Oreos Are Totally Fake, Oreo Confirms

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Yesterday, the internet blew up over news about fried chicken-flavored Oreos. It all started with a Facebook post, which spread through social media channels like wildfire. Moments later, websites across the country picked up the story. Some outright believed the photographic evidence while others questioned it, citing shoddy photoshopping skills and inconsistent graphics.

Sadly for those who liked the idea of dunking Fried Chicken Oreos in milk, the concept is indeed fake. Per a company representative: "A fan who really liked the Fruit Punch flavor came up with the fried chicken OREO packaging photo as a sort of joke. It's clearly gotten some traction over the internet, but the Fried Chicken OREO flavor is fake." On the other hand, thanks to LA chef Roy Choi, Oreo fried chicken is totally real.

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