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What It's Like to Live on Soylent For a Month

Ever wonder what it's like to subsist only on Soylent, the drink mix that claims it can replace all of the nutrients in food? The Verge's brave editor Chris Ziegler did just that for a full month, forgoing food for the beige nutrient liquid. He was pleasantly surprised by the taste: "It's not bad, it's certainly not delicious, but it won't make you gag." Soylent is also apparently very cost effective. A full day's worth of the drink costs less than $10 which Ziegler notes in the video in New York is "good for a couple of packs of gum."

The biggest lesson Ziegler learned from the month was "just how incredible food really is." He points out that there is a flaw in Soylent's premise — that food is simply a means for survival — noting that if this were true, "cities around the world wouldn't be packed to the gills with restaurants." Zielger adds, "On Soylent, a walk through town becomes an excruciating journey past sights and smells — teases of a culinary world that you're entirely cut out of." Go, watch the video about what a month on Soylent really is like:

Video: Soylent Survivor

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