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Barbecue Restaurants Get Into a Facebook Comment War

Photos: RE BBQ/Facebook,

Here's some more news about people brawling over social media: Eater Detroit reports that last night night Tim Idzikowski of Detroit BBQ Company got into a fight with RE BBQ on Facebook (which now appears to be deleted). ldzikowski is claiming that RE BBQ stole a photo of "ribs in a smoker" from his Facebook event page. Idzikowski threw the first punch, writing on RE BBQ's Facebook, "Nice using pictures from my event. Fuck you." RE BBQ responded quickly, "My smoker, my cook, my photo taken with my phone. I think some aspirin will help your butt hurt, guy."

The situation then quickly escalated with plenty more trash taking and Idzikowski threatening to have RE BBQ "shut down." Eventually, "RE BBQ posted a picture of the (empty) smoker, saying that it was in fact theirs" soon after which Idzikowsi stopped responding. Eater Detroit is questioning the validity of the fight because a search for the photo in question reveals that the first posting of the photo appears to be by RE BBQ on June 8. It could all just have been a "well-timed publicity stunt."

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