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Twitter Reacts to John Tesar's Critic Rant

Images: @lesbren, @pete_wells, @ianfroeb, @Mariobatali

Chef John Tesar threw some serious punches this morning at Dallas Morning News critic Leslie Brenner in response to her three (out of five) star review of his new restaurant Knife. He expressed his anger via Twitter writing, "fuck you ! Your reviews are misleading poorly written,self serving and you have destroyed the star system and you really suck." Tesar then announced he was banning Brenner from all of his restaurants: "I will never let her into another one of my restaurants again." Tesar quickly garnered a slew of reactions — both positive and negative — from the Twitterverse. Here's what some prominent figures are saying about the debacle (for more reactions head over to Eater Dallas):

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