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Ramen Burger's LA Restaurant Opens August 1

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Keizo Shimamoto's now infamous ramen burger — which attained full-on stunt food glory last summer — has announced the opening date for its first brick-and-mortar outpost, in Los Angeles's Koreatown. The LA Times reports Shimamoto will swing open the doors on August 1 to serve his line-inducing ramen-bunned burgers and miso-seasoned fries for lunch and dinner. Back in June, Eater LA reported the take-out window (now officially crowned Ramen Burger) sits adjacent to a popular bar called Lock & Key, taking advantage of late-night crowds. It's the second brick-and-mortar restaurant for the burger concept — a New York City location opened back in April — and an additional location is slated for Hawaii in the coming months.

The ramen burger made its debut last summer at Brooklyn's Smorgasburg, with hundreds lining up for the limited-edition burger (which also features a beef patty with shoyu glaze, scallions, and arugula). A similar panic occurred when Shimamoto brought the dish to Los Angeles for the first time, resulting in wait times of four hours. And technically, due to the flurry of burger copycats, the Ramen Burger brick-and-mortar won't be the first to serve the dish: A San Diego ramen shop added a burger to its menu last fall.

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Ramen Burger

239 S Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004