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Roy Choi & Jon Favreau May Open an El Jefe Restaurant

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In director Jon Favreau's Chef, the central comeback storyline revolves around a food truck called El Jefe. To promote the film, LA-based chef Roy Choi (who also consulted heavily on the movie) has been hosting pop-ups that serve El Jefe's signature Cubano.

The $9 sandwich has been such a hit with fans across the country that though the truck was returned to its garage after filming, Favreau and Choi are thinking of opening an El Jefe restaurant. In an interview with USA Today, Favreau says "we're looking into ways of keeping the food aspect going," noting that "so much is made of the Cubano sandwich as a plot point. It piques people's curiosity." Choi hints that the fictional truck might return: "It's not that the truck is truly gone. We're finding new ways to pop up and the truck may come back. I like to think of it as being in the bat cave, and Alfred is working on it."

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