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Watch David Letterman and Jason Segel Debate Sandwiches vs Burritos

Last night actor Jason Segel stopped by the Late Show With David Letterman to talk about his new film (Sex Tape) and to — more importantly — discuss the merits of sandwiches and burritos. Segel defends a tweet he recently wrote that claimed that sandwiches have more varieties than burritos. Rest assured, Segal knows about burritos: "If they get too diverse, they're a wrap!"

"God bless Taco Bell, I love them, and I love them tacos," said Letterman. "You get the Taco Supreme, oh my gosh, you get the Burrito Supreme. That's it, we're done. You get a taco wrapped in a waffle, and it's like a breakfast taco. Honestly, who are we kidding?" Segel and host David Letterman proceed to fist bump over the fact that they both find the waffle taco to be "ludicrous." The duo get into a passionate conversation about their favorite sandwiches and Segel breaks down which sandwiches make his top five. Go, watch:

Video: Sandwiches vs Burritos

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