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Subway Forces Sick Employee to Keep Working

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An employee of a Subway in Texas was forced to keep working even though she was very sick. According to Click2Houston, Elizabeth Taft had a stomach virus and spent the day "going back and forth to the bathroom" to throw up and was "drenched in sweat." Taft claims that when she told her manager that she wasn't feeling well, the manager responding by saying, "I don't care. Get back on the line." A Facebook post about the incident notes that the manager told her "just to switch shirts."

Taft eventually went outside where an employee of the restaurant next door found her shaking and called an ambulance when Taft passed out. The Facebook post notes that the Subway fired Taft for "calling the ambulance," even though it wasn't her who called. Subway did indeed fire Taft, but the restaurant claims it was for "poor performance and insubordination." Click2Houston notes that the health department told them that "state rules explicitly say that food workers with contagious diseases should not be handling food."

Subway has a reputation for violating labor laws. Earlier this year, a report from CNN Money revealed that the chain had committed more than 17,000 wage and labor violations between 2000 and 2013, which made it the worst of all fast food chains. Some of the violations include not paying employees to work past their scheduled shifts, asking workers to sign contracts to waive time-and-a-half pay, and apparently forcing them to keep working even though they are throwing up. Go, watch the local news story:

Video: Sick Worker Forced to Keep Serving Food

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