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NBC Is Not Canceling Food Fighters Despite Adam Richman's Recent Behavior

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Photo: Food Fighters/Facebook

NBC appears to be ignoring TV host Adam Richman's wholly inappropriate and completely uncalled for tirade on Instagram. The network is going ahead with plans to debut Food Fighters, a new competition show where Richman will act as host, on July 22. NBC held a conference call Q&A with Richman yesterday and when a representative from a newspaper asked, "Did your Twitter brouhaha -- did that affect you in any way negatively?" A rep for the network on the call swiftly shut the question down: "We're only focusing on Food Fighter questions today, thank you." Richman ever humble, added that he didn't want to "overshadow" the people that "put in some really great work on the show." When Eater reached out to NBC to explain why they decided to move forward with Richman's show, the network had "no comment."

Last month, Richman posted a photo of his recent weight loss with the controversial hashtag "#thinspiration" which is often linked to pro-eating disorder messages. Richman fired back at commenters with expletive-filled responses. He called one commenter a "c*nt" and even told another to essentially commit suicide: "Grab a razor blade and draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you."

NBC isn't the only company that's continuing its relationship with Richman following his behavior on social media. While Travel Channel decided to shelve Richman's new show Man Finds Foods following the incident, Walmart is still airing commercials featuring the TV host, who is a pitchman for the retailer. The company also continues to "run content featuring Richman on Facebook and Instagram and he is still prominently featured on their YouTube channel.

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