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Watch Hill Country Barbecue's Elizabeth Karmel Cook Chicken on Late Night

Last night, Hill Country Barbecue's executive chef/grill expert Elizabeth Karmel stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to shoot a dry (pun intended) segment in which she teaches Meyers how to make barbecue chicken. Karmel walks the host through breaking down a bird, backbone and all. In the clip, Meyers pokes fun at Karmel's culinary metaphors, which alternately describe the process as a "craft project" and opening up the poultry "like a book": As Karmel snaps the chicken breast open, Meyers questions out loud, "Wait, how do you open books?" Even though he was winging it, he spatchcocked that chicken like a champ. Go, watch:

Video: BBQ Chicken with Elizabeth Karmel, Part 1

Video: BBQ Chicken with Elizabeth Karmel, Part 2

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