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Man With Knife Taken Down by Restaurant Staff & Diners

A group of six restaurant employees and patrons took down a man who was brandishing a large kitchen knife and threatening them on Sunday night. According to ABC7News, 26-year old Jose Alas grabbed a 12-inch knife out of the kitchen of La Piñata Restaurant in San Leandro, California and started waving it around and accusing others of stealing his cell phone. Alas, an off-duty employee of the restaurant, had been drinking at the bar.

KTVU writes that employees and patrons wrestled Alas to the floor and stripped him of the knife. The group then "used belts and other items from employees to restrain the man." ABC7News notes that one of the patrons at the restaurant happened to have handcuffs in his car (he was a police academy recruit), which they put on Alas until the police arrived. Alas continued to put up a fight and bit one of the officers in the leg. He's been arrested and charged with "brandishing a weapon, assault on an officer, and resisting arrest." Thankfully, no one ended up with the knife wedged into their back. Go, watch the local news story:

Video: 6 People Take Down Man With Knife

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La Pinata Restaurant

2699 Merced St, San Leandro, CA 94577