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Guy Fieri Boldly Opens a Steak House in Atlantic City While Trump Plaza Shutters

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Photos: Bally's Atlantic City

Atlantic City may be going through a "dramatic decline," but have no fear, Guy Fieri, the world's knight-in-flaming-t-shirt-armor is here to make the city kewl again. According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump's Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino announced that it will close in September, which would make it the fourth Atlantic City casino to close this year. There are currently 12 restaurants, cafes, and bars operating inside Trump Plaza. Two more hotels — including the multi-billion dollar Revel — are "expected to close in the near future" but that's not stopping Fieri from unleashing bleu-sabi sauce on the city via Guy Fieri's Chophouse, which recently opened inside Bally's.

The restaurant's website promises guests "REAL STEAK. NO BULL." There's no tatted-plates and "righteous rojo rings" to be found but there are still plenty of Fieri's signature kulinary koncoctions. Appetizers ("the only way to start") include the ominous sounding Danger Wings and his famous Vegas Fries. The wings comes with a bleu-sabi sauce, but the fries come with a bleu-sabi dip, because apparently there is a difference between the two. There's also a section titled "Crab & Lobsters..LIVE" which just sounds painful. Diners can also order "Steak Bling" like crunchy tempura lobster knuckles to jazz up their $42 dollar filet mignons.

For customers that like to live on the edge, there's "Bad Boy Steak Burgers" and "Wicked Sides" like Kreme'd Spinach. Or if diners just want to go to Flavortown, there's menu section called just that. Best of all, the website features a picture menu that reveals customers can also order "Crab Crusted King Crab Legs." As previously promised, the menu also has plenty of "New Jersey flare" with items like the Jersey Tomato Salad and South Jersey Style Kick 'N Calamari. Who knows if Flavortown can save AC, but you can bet your backwards sunglasses that he's going to try. Go, check out the full menu below:

Guy Fieri's Chophouse Menu

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Guy Fieri's Chophouse

1900 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401