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60 Second Tasting Menu: Cagen

Welcome back to 60 Second Tasting Menu, a fast-paced visual tour of stunning, elaborate, and technically advanced menus currently on offer. This episode highlights the kappo menu at Cagen, the New York City sushi spot from Nobu alum Toshio Tomita. Turn up the volume, and see below for the full menu description.

Omakase: $120

Zensai: Hamukatsu, white fish marinated with yuzu and rice vinegar, a tomato cooked with white wine and yuzu, grilled Tachiuo, and a small treat of goat cheese, white chocolate, and wasabi.

Sashimi: Bonito, Katsuo, Suzuki, Akayagara, Nodoguro, and a Shigoku oyster.

Cold soba

Grilled ayu with the cilantro, yuzu sauce sqteamed fish with the negi miso

Softshell crab

Sushi: Hokkaido Uni with Aotobi seaweed and Amami Toro.

Lemon sorbet with wasabi and olive oil.

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414 E 9th St, New York, NY 10009