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Richard Blais Is Now Shilling for Cat Food

Former Top Cheffer Richard Blais (Trail Blais, Atlanta) has partnered with pet food manufacturer Purina to create a line of cat food. Per a release, "Blais has captured the hearts and stomachs of many a foodie and now he's taking on one of his toughest challenges – pleasing one of the most discerning feline icons – the Fancy Feast cat."

Cats — unlike dogs — are famously fussy. But the release explains that "Blais went through great lengths" to friend the finicky Fancy Feast cat. Does he sous-vide chicken livers for the fluffy feline? Is the kitty treated to the finest Scottish salmon with duck fat foam? We have to wait until next week to find out. Until then, go watch the teaser ad — you won't regret it:

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