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Guy Fieri's Culinary Horror Show Is Heading to Breakfast

Guy Fieri's Las Vegas restaurant Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar opened back in April and his list of crimes against food is long: his "global fusion menu" is full of everything from an "apocalyptic marinara" dipping sauce to a cocktail menu that features something called a "Lemon Drop...Not." Not to mention the terrifying "Cheesecake Challenge."

And now Guy Fieri is setting his culinary stun gun on breakfast (this appears to be his first breakfast menu anywhere). The restaurant's Instagram account is posting preview photos of the oncoming brunch. Above: giant monstrous chilaquiles. Below, an enormous tray of biscuits and gravy. And then there's just a boring stack of pancakes? At least that gets a skull plate. Look out Vegas, breakfast gets the Fieri touch beginning on August 1.

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