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Starbucks Free Drink Record Now Set at $60

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Photos: whoisstan/Flickr, Consumerist

A Florida woman has set a new record for ordering the most expensive free drink possible at a Starbucks. She did not actually have to pay for the drink thanks to free drink coupon from her participation in the Starbucks' loyalty program. According to Consumerist, the woman's Frappuccino featured 60 shots of espresso, along with caramel-, white mocha-, and hazelnut syrups. The receipt also lists matcha powered and drizzles of vanilla and hazelnut syrups amongst other ingredients. The frozen concoction totaled out at $60.58, but scanning her loyalty card brought it down to $57.75.

There was a lot of planning that went into her order: She obtained permission from the Starbucks' location and brought along a large jug for the barista to use in lieu of a cup. She also alerted media outlets ahead of time and brought along a "support team." Thanks to all of her preparation she was able to edge out the previous record holder, who ordered a drink that cost $54.75.

It's surprising that the Starbucks location in Pembroke Pines, Florida allowed the woman to order the over-the-top drink. Shortly after the previous record holder made headlines, the coffee chain "reemphasized" an existing policy that in which "blended beverages and espresso drinks should not be served in amounts larger than 24 ounces for iced drinks (hot drinks have a 20-ounce cutoff)." Technically, the largest size drink a Starbucks' employee can serve a customer is Venti-sized (24-ounce) regardless of the size of the customer's own cup.

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