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49ers Stadium Wants to Be the 'Most Vegan-Friendly'

Photo: Levi's Stadium/Twitter

In probably the most San Franciscan-move ever, Levi's Stadium — the home of the 49ers — has unveiled plans to become "the most vegan-friendly stadium in the entire sports industry." According to Inside Scoop SF, fans will soon be able to line up at vegan hot dog stands serving Field Roast vegan franks. There will be at least one vegan option at "every permanent food stand;" or about 32 vegan menu options in total.

Alongside the vegan hot dogs will be regular hot dogs, but don't make the mistake of calling them that: The stadium has made a huge effort to note that they are called "frankfurters." The frankfurters are nitrate-free and will be served on a Le Boulanger bun with sun-dried tomato ketchup and house-made mustard. Per SFist, the stadium will also offer a slew of non-traditional game-day fare like rotisserie chicken, wood-fired pizzas, prosciutto, and bocconcini ciabatta panini, a barbecue-jackfruit sandwich, and "Asian steamed buns." Plus, there will be dishes like an oyster pan roast and Indian curries that sound delicious, but also incredibly difficult to eat while watching a football game. To wash all that fancy food down, there will be a dedicated tap room/bar area on the 50-yard line that will serve up to 42 varieties of beer, and two wines on tap.

Recently, new stadium dining options have extended far beyond hamburgers and pretzels. The Minnesota Twins just introduced self-serve beer machines that allow customers to buy beer by the ounce. Fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates can chow down on a triple-decker grilled cheese that features nine kinds of cheese and candied bacon. And the Texas Rangers serve a two-foot-long Korean beef sandwich that comes topped with spicy slaw and Sriracha mayo.

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