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11 Crazy Food Lines Obama Should Cut Because He Can

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Photo: @petesouza/Twitter

Yesterday, President Obama cut the notoriously long line at Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas. The line regularly wraps around the block — even in the summer — and "no one has ever skipped it before." But when you're the leader of the free world, people in line need to make sacrifices. Here are 11 more famously long queues the president should consider using his powers to cut.

1. Dominique Ansel Bakery, New York City

[Photo: @robertsietsema]

What is the point of winning a national election twice if you have to line up in the wee hours of the morning with the plebeians (and interns) to get a Cronut?

2. Di Fara Pizza, Brooklyn

[Photo: Ms.M/Foursquare]

Obviously Obama is not going to schlep out to Brooklyn and then wait in a line. Nope.

3. Hot Doug's, Chicago

[Photo: Hot Doug's/Facebook]

Hometown cred + Presidential cred = pass to the front of the line (which is seriously out of control.)

4. Pink's Hot Dogs, Los Angeles

[Photo: Pink's Hot Dogs/Facebook]

Hot dogs aren't exactly healthy and aren't exactly part of FLOTUS' nutrition initiatives. So when POTUS needs a sausage fix, he probably needs to be able to get in-and-out before Michelle catches him.

5. Langer's

[Photo: @sherrystern]

Sometimes, even the President needs a pastrami sandwich. All that nation-leading can make a man hungry.

6. Humphry Slocombe, San Francisco

[Photo: melanie e./Foursquare]

The President of this country has way too much to do to even think about waiting in line to get some boozy Secret Breakfast ice cream.

7. Ramen Burger, New York City

[Photo: Eater NY]

This is a no-brainer. Obama is a well established burger fanatic, and if his track record reveals anything, he'll probably be bringing another political leader with him to get a Ramen Burger. That gives him extra line-jumping power.

8. Original Sprinkles Location, Los Angeles

[Photo: Sprinkles/Facebook]

Sure he could avoid the line and go to one of their vending machines but that doesn't seem especially presidential.

9. Opening Day, Any Chick-fil-A

[Photo: @bratzheaven]

Why wouldn't Obama want to blow past the people camping out for free Chick-fil-A on an opening day? That's the power of the First 100. They probably didn't vote for him anyway.

10. Original Shake Shack Location, New York City

[Photo: @nzaccardi]

The line at the original Shake Shack in Madison Square Park has more than once managed to snake around the entire park. Do you really think the leader of the free world has time for that?

11. Geno's Steaks, Philadelphia

[Photo: Geno's/Facebook]

Bald eagles will cry tears of sadness if his freedom fries and Philly cheesesteak get soggy.

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