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The Five Days of Meat Across the Eater Universe, Day Five

Eater Guides

· How to Optimize the Koreatown Barbecue Experience [-ELA-]
· In Defense of Prime Rib: 10 Great Cuts in New York City [-ENY-]
· Foie Gras Frenzy [-EBOS-]
· 11 of Chicago's Best Hot Dogs, Mapped [-ECHI-]
· Chicago's Extreme Meat Dishes, Revealed [-ECHI-]
· Ten Great Retro Meat Dishes in Los Angeles [-ELA-]
· 14 Crazy Offal Joints to Try Right Now in SGV [-ELA-]
· Where to Eat Raw Meat in Miami [-EMIA-]
· Pizza for Meat Lovers (That Aren't From Pizza Hut) [-EDC-]

[Photo: Nick Solares]

Restaurant News

· Sietsema and Sutton Debate Peter Luger's Steaks [-ENY-]
· Here's What Steak Costs Around the City [-EBOS-]
· Hamtramck Has All of Your Halal Needs [-EDET-]
· Casper, Wyoming's FireRock Steakhouse to Centennial [-ELV-]
· Natraliart, A Meaty Jamaican Spot in Arlington Heights [-ELA-]
· The Latest on The Heart & Trotter's North Park Butchery [-ESD-]
· Manhattan's BYOB Secret Weapon: Hill Country Barbecue [-ENY-]
· Street Meet Truck Is Back [-EVAN-]

Epic Extreme Meat Vegas 7-11-14.jpg

Extreme Meat

· Lamb Testicles, Gizzards, Guts: Seattle's Extreme Meat [-ESEA-]
· To the Extreme: Eight Over-the-Top Meat Dishes [-EBOS-]
· Here Are 27 of Austin's Most Extreme Meat Dishes [-EATX-]
· Eight Extreme Meat Dishes to Conquer Immediately [-ECHS-]
· Seven Extreme Meat Dishes in Atlanta [-EATL-]
· 12 Extreme Meat Dishes to Send You Into a Meat Coma [-EDFW-]
· Can You Handle These 11 Extreme Meat Dishes? [-EDEN-]
· Detroit's Extreme Meats, Mapped [-EDET-]
· 17 of the Most Epic Extreme Meat Dishes in Las Vegas [-ELV-]
· Meet Louisville's Extreme Meat [-ELOU-]
· Seven Maine Meat Dishes That Think Outside the Box [-EME-]
· Miami's Weirdest, Craziest, Most Extreme Meat Dishes [-EMIA-]
· 10 Extreme Odes to Meat in Montreal [-EMTL-]
· 10 Extreme Meat Dishes in NOLA [-ENOLA-]
· Here Are 10 of New York's Most Extreme Meat Dish [-ENY-]
· A Guide to Uncommon Meats in Philly [-EPHI-]
· Portland's Most Extreme, Meatiest Plates of Meat [-EPDX-]
· The San Francisco Extreme Meat Map [-ESF-]
· Dare You Eat Vancouver's Top Bad-Ass Meaty Delights? [-EVAN-]
· Extreme Meat Map: Crazy, Meaty Dishes to Try [-EDC-]

Adolfo at La Boca 0770.jpg [Photo: Brasted]

Interviews and More

· Russ Flint on True Butchery and Using the Whole Animal [-ESEA-]
· That Kobe Beef Is Not Real Unless You're at Wynn [-ELV-]
· Boston Chefs on Customers Who Order Steak Well-Done [-EBOS-]
· Sam Monsour on Meat Glue and More [-EBOS-]
· Industry Experts on the Strangest Meats They've Eaten [-EATL-]
· Bartender Pairings for Chocolate Cake and Candied Bacon [-EBOS-]
· Where to Get the Best Barbecue: Q&A With Adrian Miller [-EDEN-]
· Jarrod Spangler of MEat, Part 3 [-EME-]
· Meet the Meat Gurus at Proper Sausages [-EMIA-]
· Marc Cohen on Boucherie Lawrence and Meat [-EMTL-]
· Cleaver & Co. Talks Meat Trends & Retail Expansion [-ENOLA-]
· Adolfo Garcia's Meat Musings on La Boca and Ancora [-ENOLA-]
· Chris Consentino's Favorite Offal Dishes [-ESF-]
· Does DC Have Its Own Barbecue Style? [-EDC-]
· The Pig, a Meat-Centric Restaurant That Cares About Vegetables (and Feeds Diners Catnip) [-EDC-]

St. James Cheese Company 0904.jpg

Charcuterie and Other Dishes

· Meat Pie Magic With St. James Cheese Co.'s Jess Devay [-ENOLA-]
· Philip Powers's Texas Hot Guts at BrisketTown [-ENY-]
· Chris Shepherd on Underbelly's Charcuterie [-EHOU-]
· BOKX 109's Israel Medina Makes Decon 3! Prime Rib [-EBOS-]
· Witness Craig Diehl's Deft Butchering of Three Hogs [-ECHS-]
· Straight From the (Pork) Heart with Frank Bonanno [-EDEN-]
· A Look at Delmonico's Old School Charcuterie [-ENOLA-]
· Fundamental LA's Elegantly Seared Goose Neck [-ELA-]
· The Choucroute Dog at Blue Rooster Guest Series [-EME-]
· Where to Eat Charcuterie in New Orleans Now [-ENOLA-]



· You Say This Is the Best Steakhouse in Boston [-EBOS-]
· What's the Best Steakhouse in Chicago? [-ECHI-]
· Chophouse Voted Best Steakhouse in New Orleans [-ENOLA-]
· Here Is Your Winner for Philadelphia's Best Steakhouse [-EPHI-]

· All The Five Days of Meat Coverage [-EN-]