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The Five Days of Meat Across the Eater Universe, Day Four

It's the fourth day of The Five Days of Meat. Let's see what happened across the Eater universe.

Boudin and Charcuterie

· 10 Great Spots for Cajun Meats in New Orleans [-ENOLA-]
· Eater's Guide To Cajun Country Meats, Roadside Boudin [-ENOLA-]
· Behold, The Toups Meatery Board In All Its Cajun Glory [-ENOLA-]
· A Day in the Life of the Meat Case at Edmund's Oast [-ECHS-]
· 16 Restaurants With Housemade Charcuterie [-ECHI-]
· Chad Colby's Tidy Board of Salumi at chi SPACCA [-ELA-]
· A Look at Crescent Pie & Sausage's Cajun Meat Trifecta [-ENOLA-]
· Feast Your Eyes: Laurelhurst Market's Charcuterie Plate [-EPDX-]

Toro Toro, DC. [Photo: R. Lopez]

Price Guides

· We're Paying Tons of Money for Big Steaks in New York [-ENY-]
· What's at Steak: How Much for a Rib Eye? [-EDEN-]
· Bloody or Burnt, How Much Will that Steak Cost You? [-ESEA-]
· Meat for Your Money: Eater's Churrascaria Price Guide [-EDC-]

Summer Game Collage.jpg

Meat Guides

· A Meatball Tour of Washington [-EDC-]
· Check Out the Parts Menu at Holeman & Finch [-EATL-]
· Get Your Summer Game On [-EBOS-]
· Cocktails for Carnivores [-EBOS-]
· Seven Hot Places to Grab Barbecue Right Now [-EDET-]
· The Best Houston Steakhouses According to the Readers [-EHOU-]
· Best Places for Rotisserie Chicken in LA [-ELA-]
· 13 Beef Soups That Will Make Your Hangover Disappear [-ELA-]
· Where to Eat Tartare and Carpaccio in NOLA Right Now [-ENOLA-]
· Here Are 10 Iconic San Diego Steakhouses to Try [-ESD-]


Meat on a Stick

· A Brief History of Meat on a Stick [-ENY-]
· The Meatstick at One Eared Stag [-EATL-]
· Seven Varieties of Meat on a Stick in Atlanta [-EATL-]
· Miscellaneous Meats on a Stick to Meet All Your Needs [-EBOS-]
· Middle Eastern Meat on a Stick: 6 Places to Try [-EBOS-]
· Seven Asian-Inspired Skewers in Boston [-EBOS-]
· Corn Dogs of Boston [-EBOS-]
· Get Your Corn Dog on at Tattooed Moose [-ECHS-]
· Head Up the Road for Yakitori [-ECHS-]
· Nine of Chicago's Best Spots for Gyros [-ECHI-]
· Bacon on a Stick at David Burke's Primehouse [-ECHI-]
· Yakitori at Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar [-ECHI-]
· The Best Meat on a Stick in Dallas [-EDFW-]
· Lon Symensma Demonstrates Cholon's Ribeye Skewers [-EDEN-]
· Meat On a Stick: Get Stuck On Peruvian Anticuchos [-EDEN-]
· Ten Ways to Get Your Meat on a Stick [-EDEN-]
· Metro Detroit's Meat on a Stick, Mapped [-EDET-]
· The Official Meat on a Stick Directory [-EHOU-]
· Drool Over Recently Opened Lillo & Ella's Skewers [-EHOU-]
· New Kobe Beef Skewers at Upper Kirby's Kata Robata [-EHOU-]
· Pricey Meat on a Stick in a Bloody Mary at Mojeaux's [-EHOU-]
· Nine Random Meats on a Stick Found in Las Vegas [-ELV-]
· Stick Around for Chaya Downtown's Kushiyagi Plate [-ELA-]
· Ricardo Zarate's Sticktastic Anticucho Skewers at Picca [-ELA-]
· Check out Roy Choi's Balls of Lamb Meat at A-Frame [-ELA-]
· 12 Places to Chomp on Meat on a Stick in LA [-ELA-]
· Bacon on Bacon on Bacon at West Third's Robata Jinya [-ELA-]
· Pasadena's Dog Haus Makes a Trio of Corndogs [-ELA-]
· Where to Find Meat on a Stick in Louisville [-ELOU-]
· Boda Skewers [-EME-]
· Corn Dogs: America's Favorite Meat on a Stick [-EME-]
· Top Places in Miami to Find Meat on a Stick [-EMIA-]
· Meat on a Stick, Brazilian-Style [-EMIA-]
· A Guide to Eight Great Meats in NYC [-ENY-]
· Drury Beer Garden's Summer Souvlas [-EPHI-]
· Nine Places in Philly to Eat Meat on a Stick [-EPHI-]
· The Meat-on-a-Stick Heatmap: Where to Skewer Now [-EPDX-]
· Yak It Up: Where to Score Killer SF and East Bay Yakitori [-ESF-]
· Put a Stick in It: Mapping Seattle's Best Skewered Meat [-ESEA-]
· Know Your Yakitori From Your Negimaki [-EDC-]
· So Many Ways to Eat Meat on a Stick [-EDC-]

Daniel Boulud and David Middleton_db brasserie_B. Milne 6-18-14.jpgDavid Middleton and Daniel Boulud. [Photo: Bill Milne]

Interviews and Chef Recommendations

· Boston Bartenders Recommend Sausage Pairings [-EBOS-]
· Brian Poe on Exotic Meats, From Camel to Python [-EBOS-]
· Boston Chefs on Their Favorite Meat Dish to 'Elevate' [-EBOS-]
· Mei Mei's Irene Li and Max Hull on Meat Responsibility [-EBOS-]
· Vanessa Trevino Boyd on Meat and Wine Pairings [-EHOU-]
· Five Questions With Goode Co.'s Levi Goode [-EHOU-]
· Daniel Boulud, David Middleton on Brasserie vs Steakhouse [-ELV-]
· Jarrod Spangler of MEat, Part Two [-EME-]
· Freddy Zeideia, the Man Behind the Meat Cart [-ENY-]
· Chris Consentino on His Favorite Charcuterie and More [-ESF-]
· The Palace's Owners Look Back on Their DIY First Year [-ESF-]
· Your Guide to Shirakawa's $100 Kuroge Wagyu Steak [-EVAN-]

Crif Dogs. [Photo: Daniel Krieger]

Restaurant News and More

· The Story of Fletcher's, America's Original Corn Dog [-EDFW-]
· With Tejano, Blackstrap BBQ Pivots to Burritos [-EMTL-]
· Try Josephine's Grilled Beef Tongue Tonight [-ENSH-]
· Smoke & Spice Cocktail Pop-Up Promises Brisket Ice [-EPHI-]
· Crif Dogs, the Newest Frank Shop in West Village [-ENY-]
· Mike DiCarlo of East Dallas Icon Jimmy's Food Store [-EDFW-]
· The Meatiest Options at SE 82nd's Cartlandia Pod [-EPDX-]
· A Porky Preview From Slater's 50/50 New Swine Bar [-ESD-]
· Carving Off a Slice of Brazilian Barbecue at Espetus [-ESF-]
· GRK, Serving 'Yeeros,' to Open July 18 [-EDC-]
· See 3 Little Pigs Make a Half-Smoke, from Pig to Finish [-EDC-]

Steakhouse Voting Day 4.jpg


· Vote for Your Favorite Boston Steakhouse [-EBOS-]
· What Is the Best Steakhouse in Chicago [-ECHI-]
· Vote for Denver's Best Steakhouse [-EDEN-]
· Vote for the Best Meat on a Stick [-EDET-]
· Vote For the Best Steakhouse in Las Vegas [-ELV-]
· Vote for New Orleans's Best Steakhouse [-ENOLA-]
· Vote for Vancouver's Best Fried Chicken [-EVAN-]
· Who Makes the Best Kabobs in the Area? [-EDC-]

· All The Five Days of Meat Coverage [-EN-]