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Travel Channel Pulls Adam Richman's Show After Instagram Tirade

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Photo: Man Finds Food/Facebook

TV host Adam Richman's recent social media activity may have caused Travel Channel to shelve his new show. Man Finds Food was supposed to debut July 2, but the channel announced that there had been a "scheduling change" and that the show had been postponed. It did not offer a new premiere date. According to the Washington Post, the move comes shortly after Richman made "some very unflattering headlines" after going on a rant on Instagram earlier this month.

Richman had posted a photo of his recent weight loss with the controversial hashtag "#thinspiration" which is often linked to pro-eating disorder messages. As more people began to call him out for this use of the term, Richman fired back with expletive-filled responses, and even told one commenter to "[g]rab a razor blade and draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you." He eventually apologized for his actions via Twitter but those tweets have now been deleted. The Washington Post writes that Richman released an apology to Good Morning America today writing, "I am incredibly sorry to everyone I've hurt."

Man Finds Food appears to have been removed from Travel Channel's website and the channel would not confirm to the Washington Post that the schedule change was due to Richman's social media activity. The team behind the show sound hopeful about a new premiere date, writing on Facebook yesterday, "Still waiting for a airing date for the show." Eater has reached out to Travel Channel for a comment.

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