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Watch How This 'Keurig for Beer' Dispenses Beer on Tap

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Because torillas shouldn't be the only other thing dispensed in a Keurig-like machine, here's a video for the SYNEK Draft System, a "Keurig-for-beer" concept that allows beer enthusiasts to alternately pour different brews on tap from the same machine (without having to change a keg). Interested home drinkers can take their SYNEK "cartridges" (aka vacuum-sealed, pressure-withstanding bags) to be filled from any other tap, and like a K-cup for coffee, they can be switched out for other beer-bags depending on what the drinker wants next. According to founder Steve Young, the patent-pending bags and be interchanged without losing any carbonation, meaning "you can pour one serving and switch without losing quality."

The project's currently seeking $250,000 in funds on Kickstarter, with a $299 donation netting a first-generation version of the completed machine. But first, go watch the thing in action:

Video: SYNEK: Any Beer Tapped Fresh on Your Counter

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