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McDonald's Plans to Invade 30 New Cities in Russia

Photo: Bruno Girin/Flickr

Although McDonald's shuttered all of its locations in Ukraine's Republic of Crimea earlier this year, the fast food mega-giant is moving forward with expansion plans elsewhere in the region: The Moscow Times reports McD's will open more than 70 locations in Russia. They'll be entering 30 new markets in southern Siberia and the Central Federal District (which borders Ukraine) for the first time.

McDonald's currently has 425 locations in Russia, which some anti-Western politicians have promised in the past to picket. (Earlier this year, Parliament deputy speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky said he wished American corporations within Russia, like McDonald's and Pepsi, would "disappear for good.") Meanwhile, Russian-based burger chain RusBurger opened its first location in Crimea — inside a former McDonald's location.

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