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Daniela Galarza IN as News Editor; Paula Forbes IN as Reports Editor

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In Eater parlance: brace. Two months ago Eater announced Amanda Kludt as Editor-in-Chief and launched restaurant reviews in beta, showcasing the work of new Eater full-time critics Ryan Sutton, Bill Addison, and Robert Sietsema. The development of the the next-generation version of Eater, launching later this year, is well underway in collaboration with the all-star Vox Product team. And here are the next steps in the evolution of Eater: a new hire, a promotion, and newly reorganized teams that will bring news coverage and reporting to the next level.

Daniela Galarza, former Associate Editor at Eater LA and most previously at LA Magazine, joins Eater today as News Editor. She will head up what we're calling the News Desk, a team wholly dedicated to the non-stop, uncompromising tracking of the news. The team, which is set to grow, includes the vastly talented Erin DeJesus as Evening News Editor and the inexhaustible Khushbu Shah as News Desk Writer. She's @superdaniela.

Paula Forbes, currently Deputy Editor here at Eater National, is being promoted; she assumes the new position of Reports Editor. She will lead the newly-created Reports Team — a ninja strike force which consists of Senior Writer Amy McKeever and Associate Reports Editor Hillary Dixler — a team dedicated to original reporting that will explore, in-depth, the stories of the moment. She's @paulaforbes.

Strap in. Send tips. Let's do this.

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