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Waffle House Denies Waitress Her $1,000 Tip

Photo: Louise Gill/Flickr

Mega-tippers, don't bother visiting the Waffle House chain unless you have fistfuls of cash: The News and Observer reports that a waitress at a Raleigh, North Carolina location of the popular chain was denied a $1,000 tip left by a generous patron because the chain automatically refunds large tips as part of "regular procedure." A Waffle House spokeswoman told the newspaper that the procedure is in place "in case the customer decides to dispute the tip later or ask for a refund," and suggests that megatippers instead leave their large gratuities in cash (or write a check).

The anonymous businessman who left the original tip has since written server Shaina Brown a personal check. Originally, the tipper had asked Brown to share an additional $500 tip with a patron sitting nearby; presumably, that customer is of out of luck.

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