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Dog Week on Modern Farmer; Chefs & Champagne

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FOOD MEDIA— It's Dog Week on Modern Farmer, which means the niche magazine is taking a close look at some helpful hounds. Read about truffle hunting dogs and Sheepdogs — and then go watch the live dog cam. [ModFarm]

THE HAMPTONS— Tickets are now officially on sale for Chefs & Champagne, the James Beard Foundation's annual summer tasting in the Hamptons. This year, catch guest of honor Bobby Flay plus Philippe Bertineau (Benoit, NYC), Chad Brauze (Rotisserie Georgette, NYC), Lisa Giffen (Maison Premiere), Alex Guarnaschelli (Butter, NYC) and more at the evening event on July 26. Tickets start at $200 for JBF members. [EaterWire]

CAMPAIGNS— The Regents Of The University Of California At Berkeley, a nonprofit organization, has started an indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a project that would document the oral history of cocktails on the West Coast. Cocktail historian David Wondrich is a part of the project. The goal is to have members of the ROHO interview bar owners, bartenders, spirit distillers, and cocktail historians in an effort to puzzle together a linear liquor history. Transcripts will then be stored for public use at The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley. Contribute as little as $3 towards the $37,500 goal. [EaterWire]

Truffle hunting dog. [Photo: Kris Jacobson/Modern Farmer]