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José Andrés to Possibly Open a 'Vegetable-Centered' Fast-Food Concept

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Photo: Raphael Brion/Eater

Empire builder and chef José Andrés, who revealed earlier this year that he's interested in "doing fast-food restaurants," offers up some more details in a profile by the Washington Post. There are indications that the fast-food restaurants might be "vegetable-centered," an idea Andrés calls "Fast good." Andres' business partner Rob Wilder notes that while they are focused on quality of quantity, if they can "figure out a way to do José-quality food for under $10, that's something you want to replicate. That can have an impact on the way people eat." Even their recent hires indicate plans to break into the fast-food industry soon: Andrés and Wilder brought on the former president of the chain Ruby Tuesday, Kimberly Grant, as their restaurant group's new chief operating officer.

Andrés and Wilder are "on track" to open five more restaurants this year with "several more in development" and are also toying with opening "25, 30, 40 Jaleos," one of Andrés' popular Washington, DC restaurants. The chef recently opened America Eats Tavern in Virginia.

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