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Mark Ladner Reveals Plans for Gluten-Free Pasta Concept

Photo: Krieger

The rumors are true: New York City chef Mark Ladner (Del Posto) confirms to Eater NY that he is at the helm of Pasta Flyer, a quick-service gluten-free pasta concept and offers up some details. He plans for Pasta Flyer to offer a "mix and match menu of gluten free pastas" paired with a variety of sauces. The restaurant will be modeled after Japanese Ramen shops, meaning that the space will be small and the pastas will be cooked very quickly to order. Customers will also be able to order off of iPads.

Pasta Flyer will start out as a pop-up and Ladner tells Eater NY he plans to do two to three day stops in "Northeastern college towns" like Providence, Boston, New Haven, and New York. Ladner then hopes to open "a number of Pasta Flyers" across the Northeast but adds that "may be a ways down the road." He also notes that he will not be leaving his post at the Michelin-starred Del Posto and that even though his bosses, chef Mario Batali and restaurateur Joe Bastianich, aren't involved in the project, they are supportive of Pasta Flyer. Ladner will launch a Kickstarter to raise money for the project which many chefs have successfully used to raise funds. The Kickstarter for Pasta Flyer will go live at noon on June 10. Check out the logo below:

[Photo: Official Site]

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